Under the Baobab

Convening Under the Baobab is a tradition that has been, and continues to be, practiced in numerous African communities. Often referenced in African literature as a sacred space, this magnificent tree serves as a meeting place for the community where thoughts and lessons are shared.

Time: 2 hours
Location: Virtual, Zoom
Attendance: 10-40 people


2 hours
Virtual, Zoom
10-40 people

You are invited to come share, listen, and learn from other community members. We will also invite guest speakers, practitioners, and academics to help inform the discussion with their research and expertise. Take a seat under the nurturing leaves of the community tree. We look forward to seeing you!

Upcoming Dates

Open to all:
Storytelling & Research

May 27

7 – 9pm CEST

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Student Edition:
Family Dynamics 

May 30

6 – 8pm CEST


Africa’s history and contribution to human civilization were erased from world history and books. Technological advancement and scientific discoveries have made it possible to uncover facts about the continent’s true history.

Now with the new generation of Africans in the diaspora growing in affluence and their quest for cultural identity and social justice, there is a greater need for learning African history and changing the social narrative. Each month, we will meet to explore one of the many themes introduced and presented by a community member.

Past themes have included “Afro Students and Bicultural Identity”, “Culture Informs Craft”, “Past, Present, Future of African Diaspora Health and Wellness” and “BLM Movement: Beyond Borders”.

“I am so grateful I — by means of the universe — stumbled upon your organization and was part of this beautiful discussion. I gained so much hope and knowledge and can’t wait to go forward from here.”



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