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Welcome Reception & Career Meet & Greet

10:00 – 12:30 CEST

Connect with leading brands like Nike, Deckers, Eastpak, and Patagonia at our dynamic talent fair. Explore exciting career opportunities and gain valuable insights into organizational cultures.


Lunch & Industry Roundtables

12:30 – 14:00 CEST

Grab a tasty lunch and join our Industry Roundtables on select subjects to engage in focused discussions with industry leaders and changemakers. Gain insider knowledge, ask questions, and make lasting connections within your field of interest.



The Power of the Bicultural Identity

14:00 – 14:30 CEST
Panel Talk

If you’ve spent any time at all interacting with Omek, you’ve probably heard us use the term “bicultural identity”. But what does the phrase even mean? In this talk, you’ll learn about what constitutes a bicultural identity within the context of the African diaspora, and how it translates into a superpower for those who know how to harness it.


  • Mipe Okunseinde — Dir. of Strategy and Business Operations, Global Co-Chair of B.bold,
  • Ruthie Semere — Leadership Coach & Business Developer, RZ Coaching and Consulting
  • Kemo Camara — CEO & Founder, Omek


Demystifying Neurodiversity: Myths, Science, and Lived Experience

14:30 – 15:30 CEST
Co-hosted with LAUDACE & Brain Matter Consulting

Neurodiversity is often talked about as either a superpower or a disability. Which one is it? Join our panelists as they explore what it means to be neurodivergent, how neurodiversity and mental health are addressed in the African diaspora, what role intersectionality plays, and how neurodivergent people can find belonging within our communities. The session will be highly interactive, with ample room for asking questions and sharing experiences.


  • Salmaan Sana — Owner, Salmaan Sana Consulting, Board Member, TEDxAmsterdam


  • Axelle Ahanhanzo — ED&I Changemaker & Founder, LAUDACE
  • Marcia Goddard — Neuroscientist & Founder, Brain Matters & Contentment for Business
  • Karim El Oteify — Founder, Changemaker, The DEI Oracle


Connecting the Diaspora via Tech & AI

14:30 – 15:30 CEST
Panel Talk

We’ve been hearing about artificial intelligence and its potential in fantastical terms for decades. This talk will focus on how the increasing ease of access to tech and AI is creating new opportunities for us to connect and support one another across the African diaspora. We’ll walk through how we can create products for us and by us to realize the potential of our global community. You’ll leave this talk with an understanding of how we can harness technology to drive connection and community among Black folks while prioritizing social impact across our diverse cultures.


  • Ingrid Tappin — CEO & Founder, Diverse Leaders in Tech


  • Nelson T. Ajulo — CEO & Founder, Zarttech
  • Abdelrahman Hassan — Creative Technologist & AI Strategist
  • Tracey Bowen — Founder & Head of Ecosystem Growth, H.E.R. DAO


Entrepreneurship for the Diaspora

16:00 – 17:00 CEST
Panel Talk

What does responsible entrepreneurship look like for biculturals from the African Diaspora? As Black people, we have a unique understanding of how the things we build and put out into the world can make a significant impact. This talk will focus on how we can use that insight to create products that are not built solely for profit, but rather aim to improve the world we live in. We’ll talk about how our communities and support systems can help us to navigate the challenges typically faced by bicultural entrepreneurs, from lack of access to funding, to limited social capital.


  • Shea Harty — Executive Director, Empowerment Foundation


  • Christina Caljé — Entrepreneur-In-Residence & Early Stage Investor, TINTT
  • Rahel Boon-Dejene — Founder & CEO, RBD Group
  • Ruben Brave — Founder, Dutch New Narrative Lab
  • Alex Bennett Grant — Founder & CEO, We Are Pi


Navigating Corporate as a Bicultural

16:00 – 17:00 CEST
Panel Talk

Navigating the corporate world as a bicultural of African descent comes along with both opportunities and challenges. This session will focus on how we can use the soft skills we hold as biculturals to thrive in the corporate world, from early career to the C-suite, and beyond. Our panelists will share the learnings they gained from overcoming failure so that you can avoid the same mistakes. You’ll walk away having learned strategies on how you can harness the unique power of your bicultural identity to gain an edge.


  • Kremena Yordanova — Fractional CMO Expert


  • Kobi Ampoma — Head of Talent Acquisition (NL), The Heineken Company
  • Gwen Kolader — VP Global Head DE&I, Hexaware 
  • Christopher Williams — President & Principal Consultant, Custament Partners

Community Dinner & Awards Ceremony

18:30 – 21:30 CEST

Join us for an evening of celebration and recognition at our Community Dinner  and Awards Ceremony. Enjoy a delicious meal while honoring the remarkable accomplishments of our community members who have been nominated by our community!

Master of Ceremonies

  • Ikenna Azuike — Oga at the top, Jollof Rice Productions

Celebrate Together

21:00 – 23:00 CEST

Time to party: Let’s celebrate our collective achievements in style! Connect and create lasting memories with the community over drinks and live music. This is our moment to shine!

Musical Perfomances

  • Bahghi — Musician 
  • Ennio "BLESZ" Burleson — Spoken Word Artist
  • Lerato Tsotetsi — DJ
  • Fakhry Faisal — Comedian
  • Ebony Winter — Singer