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Paradiso Tolhuistuin, Amsterdam

Fela’s Day Celebration

17:30 CEST – Late
Panel Talk & Concerts
Collaboration with Africadelic

Join us for an electrifying night paying tribute to the friendship that bonded the legendary Fela Kuti, the iconic King of Afrobeats and hero Thomas Sankara.

Stay for multiple musical acts carrying on Fela's legacy across the diaspora including Bixiga 70, one of Brazil's top instrumental groups, fusing African and Latin American rhythms into dynamic, unpredictable music. And Kin'Gongolo Kiniata, who blend electro and Congolese rhythms with punk-like energy in their experimental Afropop. The Gang is Beautiful will bring an extra touch of magic with a theatrical catwalk. 

The evening kicks off with a panel discussion. We'll explore topics of collective growth through friendship and the spirit of Pan-Africanism.


  • Eliza Anyangwe – Managing Editor, As Equals, CNN
  • Kemo Camara – Founder & CEO, Omek
  • Lemi Ghariokwu – Fine Artist, Graphic Designer, Illustrator and
  • Otiniel da Silva – Co-Founder & Artistic Director, Africadelic
  • Sybille Traoré – Team Lead Global Accounts Central Operations,


Online & MACA Amsterdam 


Nurturing Growth through Mentorship

15:00 – 16:00 CEST
Panel Talk

Join an incredible lineup of guest speakers from around the world with backgrounds in streetwear, business, and entrepreneurship. They'll share their personal journeys on building mentorship networks for personal and professional development. We'll explore various mentorship styles — from structured leadership programs to building informal support groups.

Doors open at 14:00, and the opening introduction will start at 14:45.


  • Dion Walcott – Director of Partnership, Pensole Lewis College and Founder of MARTKD 
  • Eileen Walusimbi Oloya – Certified Coach and Mentor
  • Kemo Camara – CEO & Founder of Omek
  • Sergio Panday – Co-Founder & CEO of Roots Inspire
  • Vivian Acquah – Certified DEI Consultant


Mentorship Success Workshop

16:15 – 17:00 CEST
Co-hosted with Roots Inspire

Now it’s your turn! This 45-minute workshop aims to empower biculturals of African descent with practical mentorship skills on how to find the right mentor and nurture meaningful mentor-mentee relationships. Through activities and small group discussions participants will gain a deeper understanding of what makes good mentorships work and leave with valuable strategies on how to navigate the landscape.


  • Renate Matroos – Digital Learning Designer & Facilitator
  • Sergio Panday – Co-Founder & CEO, Roots Inspire


Africa and the Future of Tech

17:30 – 18:00 CEST
Fireside Chat

In this inspiring 30-minute conversation, we’ll discuss the future of investing in cutting-edge technologies for the African continent and the role of its vibrant diaspora. We'll explore opportunities in AI, climate tech, ed tech, fintech, new social tech and their impact on knowledge accessibility and sustainable development for the continent and its people.


  • Charnez Jacobs – Founder & Partner, Spiral VC
  • Njeri Muhia – General Partner, FrontEnd Ventures


Community Pitch Night

18:00 – 19:15 CEST
Pitch Session

Cheer on some of the best tech entrepreneurs in the community as they take the stage to present their business startups. Each pitch will be addressing challenges with a focus on innovation and impact in the community.

Designed to be a communal experience, you'll have a say in picking the winners with our judges. Your feedback is crucial for their growth. Cash prize for winners. 


  • Beng Gwanmesia – CFO & Marketing, Batazia 
  • Nicolette Lazarus – Founder & CCO, Womanship 
  • Rissy La Touche – Founder, Dimple Studio
  • Seun Owolabi – Co-Founder, Propel 
  • Shaquille Veldboom – Founder, VeldboomStudios
  • Tyrell Pantophlet – CEO & CTO, PLAEX Technologies


  • Charnez Jacobs – Founder & Partner, Spiral VC
  • Kimberley Ofori – Director Entrepreneurship Lab, Dutch New Narrative Lab


Networking, Drinks, Food & Music

19:30 – 22:00 CET

In-person only at MACA Amsterdam. Let’s mingle around food and music and reflect on the gems of the day!

Sunday, 29 OCTOBER

MACA Amsterdam


Mentors Meet Mentees

10:00 – 13:00 CET
Mini-mentorship program in collaboration with Roots Inspire

Do you want to upgrade your professional career with the guidance and insights of a mentor, but don’t know where to begin your journey? Sign up and get the opportunity to be matched with a seasoned professional who can offer you valuable insights on topics of your choice!  Consider this opportunity as your introductory experience into the world of mentorship.

This exclusive (and sold-out!) mentorship session is the highlight of the mentorship mini-program co-organized with Roots Inspire.


Baobab Nights: Sharing Gems

13:00 – 18:00 CET
Networking, Food, Drinks, and Talks

As we bid farewell to the Omek Summit experience, we invite you to join us at Baobab Nights — Omek's signature event that celebrates Black culture, joy, and meaningful connections. Connect with members, test your knowledge of Black innovators, and engage with three special guests in an open discussion as we collectively envision the future of community building.


  • Amilcar van Mulier – Community Builder and Photographer 
  • Anita Abaisa – Founder of Black Women Talks 

  • Augustine Nthenge – Community Manager & Omek team member
  • Coco Olakunle – Photographer