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Check out the answers to our most frequently asked questions.

What does “Omek” stand for?

The short answer is that it’s “Kemo” spelled backward and Kemo’s self-chosen nickname as a boy. The long answer refers to his childhood growing up on the football field. When it was popular for everyone to have a nickname mimicking a famous football player, he felt that his nickname should be the reflection of himself and not someone else.

Omek references the power inside ourselves — it refers to the fact that we don’t need to adopt another name to fit in or find greatness.

What is the term “African Diaspora”?

Omek defines “the African diaspora” as people of African descent, both new and older generations, who still have an affinity for their roots in the continent. This includes African Americans, Caribbeans and Afro-Latin Americans.

Omek intentionally uses the word “diaspora” because it captures the history of people of African descent — through time and space. Although there are many ways to describe this group (people of African roots, people of African descent, African migrants or immigrants) there are few words that truly capture the full essence of their past and what they have in common.

When and why did Kemo start Omek?

Kemo completed his Masters in 2017 where he evaluated the “African Diaspora Capital and its Impact on Socio-economic Development.” During this time he surveyed over 200 people in the African diaspora around the world and began to see a more holistic view of the community. Their answers to the survey reflected his own personal experiences and added validation to the need for innovation within our community.

Kemo’s thesis produced two main findings — lack of equal access to opportunities and the need to connect with like-minded people and be part of somethhing bigger than one’s selve. He began to ideate around a collective effort and set out to create a platform designed to connect and uplift the African diaspora community.

Why does bringing the African diaspora together help with social inclusion?

A country's most valuable resource is its people. It is essential that everyone can live up to their potential and thrive. Everyone needs strong advocates to succeed. Everyone needs access to opportunities and resources to prosper. Everyone needs space where they can take creative risks to develop and grow.

Omek creates this unique space for the African diaspora community. Omek leverages the successful talent which already exists within the community, organizes resources and facilitates opportunities for African diaspora professionals so they can live up to their full potential. By doing so we aim to create a strong network of empowered professionals who are meaningful contributors to the economy and culture.

Who can be a member of Omek?

We strive to cultivate a diverse membership of different professions and backgrounds. Our primary criteria for membership is demonstrating a commitment to Omek’s mission of the advancement of the African diaspora through community. Members and guests are welcome at Omek regardless of their race and identity.

What is included in membership?

Membership to Omek includes access to our talent wall, first access to all our events, peer groups, and job opportunities.

Still have questions?

Reach out to us at